Are You Stressed at Work?

It doesn’t matter what job you work in, whether you’re a partner at a national corporate company, a cashier at a supermarket, or the owner of a guest house – there is stress involved in every job.

And that’s a good thing – as long as it’s manageable and doesn’t take over your entire life.

We get little bursts of extra energy, or motivation to finish projects or complete deadlines, and it sharpens our memory…that kind of stress is good.

But then we get to the bad kind. The kind that manages to suffocate us and take over our entire lives and/or relationships.

 stressed at work

How do you know when job stress is no longer a good thing? 

10 Signs That You’re Stressed At Work And May Need Some Help

  1. You’ve forgotten what taking lunch means. You don’t have time for breaks, and you often forget to eat at work because you can’t spare 15 minutes away from your desk.
  2. Holidays are a thing of the past. You don’t go away because you’re terrified of all the work you’ll miss out on, or the pile of work that you’ll come back to.
  3. You hold bathroom breaks to “finish one more thing” constantly, leading to infections or other health problems.
  4. Your social life and relationships are under strain as you arrive at work earlier, you stay later, or you work over weekends often just to “keep up to date”.
  5. You’ve stopped exercising or spending time with your partner, or children after work. All you want to do is zone out and watch mindless TV, or hide out in your bedroom.
  6. You dread going into work and sometimes pretend to be sick so that you don’t have to go in.
  7. You spend a fortune at the doctor because your immune system is so low and unable to fight against viruses.
  8. You cut yourself off from friends because work demands your full attention.
  9. You’re working to pay the bills, you hate your job, and you’re too depressed to try and look for something else.
  10. You snap at family and loved ones, often have mood swings, and aren’t fun to be around anymore. All you do is complain about work.

If you found yourself nodding to any to any of these signs, it might be time to look at your current job, and start seriously thinking about where you see your career (and life) going.

Think about your line of work, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this job seriously affecting my health?
  • Am I choosing work over those closest to me?
  • What is this company giving to me besides a salary for all the work I put in?
  • Can I earn my bottom line salary somewhere else and be happier?
  • Is this the year I’m going to change my career path to suit my lifestyle?

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