3 Secrets to Surviving a Nightmare Day at the Office

For most of us – surviving a bad day at the office is pretty much part of the package. And those bad days can be REALLY bad. Screaming bosses, conniving colleagues, demanding clients, lazy suppliers…

Stress is not a thing to play around with. And honestly, if you’re having more bad days than good days at the office, you’re probably also suffering from major stress.

Did you know that stress can lead to depression, insomnia, social withdrawals, lack of sex drive, chest pain and an upset stomach?

Stress is bad news, and a lot of it comes from nightmare days at the office – and not being able to deal with them. So, how we get through them?

3 Ways to survive a BAD day at work

Take a break, or two, or three

Sometimes, all you really need is 10 minutes away from your desk, some fresh air or a cup of tea to get refocused. If you’re working eight hours a day, you’re entitled to a lunch break by law. Take it. Even if your boss or your colleagues have a problem with it. Get up and stretch your legs every hour for 2-3 minutes, even if it’s just walking to the bathroom or getting a glass of water. Don’t feel guilty about taking breaks at work.

DON’T be the office hero

Maybe you want to look like the star of the office who can take on anything and solve everything, but in the long run you’re not doing yourself any favours. Sure, you might impress a few people in the beginning, but ten to one you’ll be piled with even more work because you’re so ‘good’ at what you do. Meanwhile, you’re having panic attacks or crying to your partner at home because it’s all “too much”. Bottom line here: You’re human, not a robot. Take on what you can. You can only do your best – that’s all you can do. If you need extra help or can’t keep up, speak up.

Create mini moments

Put a small vase of fresh flowers, a photograph of a loved one, or something that makes you smile on your desk. Bring your favourite tea or coffee from home to enjoy at work. High-five a colleague for a job well done. Read a few positive quotes online. Find things to make your day more enjoyable – even if they’re just small things.

The trick to surviving a bad day is to be kinder to yourself, realise what you’re capable of, and try and make the most out of it. Tomorrow is a new day.

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