Can’t Keep Up? 10 Ways To Simplify Your Office Work Space

Whether you work from the comfort of your home, or share office work space with your co-workers, your work station is in essence, your very own “personal headquarters”.

It’s here that you’ll get creative with ideas for that next ‘big’ meeting, pump out those detailed stock reports, or come up with a PowerPoint presentation that will knock the socks off your boss.

But that’s a little difficult to do underneath piles of paperwork, next cups of unfinished coffee, or between hoards of files, and whatever else is brooding around your working space.

In order to maximise your office work space, get creative, keep productive, and feel motivated, you need a clear, uncluttered, and organized work space.

In a nutshell: you need to simplify.

How do you do this?

Very easily.

office work space

Here are 10 ways to start simplifying your office work space today:

  1. Throw out any useless scrap pieces of paper lying around or on top of your desk.
  2. Put away files that aren’t being used every day.
  3. If you’re able to, position your desk so that it’s close to a window, away from a door, and divided from your co-worker’s desk by use of a screen divider or plants.
  4. Keep a file on your desk separated by the dates of the month (from 1 to 31). Underneath the relevant dates, slot in your to do’s, paper messages of calls to return, letters to type out, etc.
  5. Try limit the personal items on your desk for inspiration. These can be framed photographs of your family, a pot plant or two, a small teddy bear, etc. Whatever keeps you motivated and feeling happy. Just be sure that it doesn’t take over the majority of your working space.
  6. Keep your desktop folders organized. Set up and name folders on your desktop for each new project that you’re working on.
  7. Try and keep paperless. We live in a world today where most things are electronic. If you don’t need to print something out – don’t.  Rather save it on your computer under a desktop folder for easy access.
  8. Take a quick look at your office stationery. Do you still keep dry highlighters or pens that don’t work? Throw them out!
  9. Get into the habit of clearing your desk at the end of each day. It will make the idea of coming in to work the next morning a pleasure.
  10. Plan each day. Instead of jumping into whatever tasks need to be done and feeling disorganized, take five minutes at the start of each day and plan the things that need to be done, and then the things that can be done if there’s time. Allow flexibility, and don’t plan too much so that you feel as though you’ve let yourself down if you don’t get to all of them.

It’s easy to simplify your working space so that it’s set up for maximised productivity, inspiration, and creativity.

Is your office space simplified?

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