10 Creative Ideas to Get Inspired

Imagine coming home from work and throwing yourself into something fun with careless abandon. You know, like what you did when you were a child… What’s stopping you from letting loose…from throwing caution to the wind and exploring those creative ideas you’ve secretly been wishing you could do?

What is creativity?

In a nutshell, when you talk about someone who is creative, it means that they use their imagination or original ideas for artistic purposes. Writing, designing, sculpture, drawing, painting, dancing, acting, making things with their hands….the list is endless!

Do you think you’re creative? You might not believe it, but each and every one of us has the power to be creative. We have the ability to tap into our subconscious and release whatever emotions we’re feeling, and transfer these feelings into something that makes us feel good. Something that gives us inspiration and motivates us.

Getting creative can turn a boring and uninteresting day around in a heartbeat. It can make you feel ALIVE. It can make you feel like you’re doing something for your soul.

Doodle or Draw

doodlesRemember how we used to draw whatever we wanted to our hearts content when we were children? It really is as simple as pulling out a pad of paper and doodling! Draw whatever comes into your mind, whether it’s squiggly trees, fuzzy hearts, or funny faces.

Just have fun with it!

Use crayons, colouring pencils, highlighters, or whatever else you have lying around that you can use. The idea here is to get your emotions onto that piece of paper. Pretend like no one else is going to see it and let your imagination run wild.

(You can throw it away once you’re finished if you’re worried about someone else seeing your artistic work!)

Paint a Picture

Head to your nearest art supply shop and buy whatever size canvas you feel like using.

Start with something small if you’re feeling a little intimidated, or if you feel like going all out, get something big. You don’t have to buy a canvas. If you have blank pieces of paper or cardboard lying around at home – this will work just as well.

Stock up on paint and paintbrushes if you need to. You can use acrylic paint, oil paints, or watercolour paint. And you don’t need to buy every colour under the rainbow either.

Get the basics: Red, yellow, blue, white and black. From there you can create greens, oranges, purples, greys, turquoises, etc.

Paint dots, abstract lines or twirls, landscape images, or just see where the brush takes you! There are no hard or fast rules here, just get your emotions out through your paintbrush.

Write From the Heart

Get our your writing pad, or whatever paper you can find around you and get writing!

writingIt doesn’t matter if it’s long or short – it’s up to you what you want to write about. Switch off from everything else and let the words flow from your pen.

You can even open up a Word document on your computer and write something there. Write a short story, a journal entry, a poem, a letter, a long story….write what matters to you and what you’re feeling.

Don’t worry about someone reading it. Delete it or throw it away once you’re finished writing if you don’t want anyone else reading what you’ve written. The idea is to let go and write what’s in your heart.

Get Graphic

If you’re lucky and have CorelDRAW or another software drawing programme on your computer, you can use this to spark your creativity.

Other great free drawing programmes you could also use are Paint.NET or even GIMP.

The idea here is to play around with different shapes – such as squares and circles and incorporate text into your picture. Graphic design is a fun way to experiment with different shapes and colours.

You don’t have to use the computer for this, you can even draw shapes and text on a blank piece of paper.

Art Bench

Snap Pics

Many creative ideas stem from taking photographs.

These days it’s much easier for people to explore this creative outlet as most cellphones have a small built-in camera. Creative photography is probably one of the most fun and easiest ways to get inspired.

There is so much beauty in the world around us, we only have to look a little harder to find it sometimes. Play around with different settings on your camera or the camera inside your phone, and snap:

  • Landscape images
  • Street scenes
  • People
  • Animals
  • Objects

Try and look at things through a different perspective. Just have fun with it!

Recycle, Reuse, Revamp…

Thanks to websites like Pinterest, we are now even more open to a world of creative ideas!

Did you know that there are literally thousands of creative projects you can do using recycled materials? You can create something beautiful by transforming something old or used. 

glass bottlesYou can use:

  • Tins
  • Glass bottles
  • Metal and wire
  • Plastic
  • And SO MUCH more!

Take a look at this amazing website for a few ideas to get you started – 20 Creative DIY Project Ideas

Get in Touch with Nature

This is probably one of my most favourite ways to spark my creative thinking and get motivated.

Take a walk around the block, in your local park, at the beach, at a nature reserve, in the mountains, etc. Appreciate the beauty of nature – trees, flowers, leaves, etc.

Nature has a way of speaking to us. It reminds us of who we are deep inside, and what we’re capable of. There are a lot of creative ideas you could come up with by using nature as your inspiration.

Here are a few:

  • Flower arranging
  • Scrapbooking collages with leaves
  • Sea shell ornaments
  • Sand bottles

Play Around with Home Décor

They say that a change is as good as a holiday.

So why not spice up your bedroom, jazz up your living room, or shift around your home office? Put some feel-good zen into the areas where you spend the most time.

ID-10094941Add a dash more colour to your room by painting one feature wall or all four walls in colours that are pleasing to you. If you want to make a few more budget-friendly décor changes, try a few of these ideas:

  • Move around the furniture
  • Add or change a few paintings or pictures
  • Buy a few inexpensive scatter cushion covers
  • Accessorise with candles and small ornaments

Music for the Soul

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to some feel-good music?

When we’re happy, sad, angry, depressed…music is often the place we go to. Music speaks to us, it unleashes feelings and helps us cope with overpowering emotions.

You can use music in many ways to get creative.

  • Playing an instrument for example, such as the piano or the guitar.
  • Dancing to music for fun.
  • Singing

Music not only speaks to us, but it also has a way of connecting us. It helps us focus on things that are important, remember things that have happened, and think about people who mean the most to us.

Use Technology

Yes, believe it or not, technology really CAN help with getting those creative juices flowing and inspiring us.

design programmesThere are tons of creative programmes or games out there. Ideas are formed by experimenting and coming up with different scenarios. This can be done by using:

  • Certain computer or TV games
  • Creative programmes

An excellent creative programme you can use to edit your photographs is Picmonkey.com. I use this almost every day because it’s so much fun and it inspires me.

Open up your mind and your heart and discover what you enjoy. Find inspiration and motivation in the simple things – things we sometimes take for granted, like a walk in nature. Being creative is about expressing who you are and feeding your soul.

Image credits: Melanie Chisnall and freedigitalphotos.net

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