The Revolution of Home Office & Remote Working (Infographic)

The term, “remote working” can mean a lot of things…

It could mean that you’re a “work-at-home” employee. Or that you’re a freelancer who either works from home, or prefers to work off a laptop at your local coffee shop.

Telecommuting, telework, virtual jobs, freelancing, working from home… anything which allows you the freedom to work away from the office falls under the category of “remote work.”

Benefits of Remote Working

Back in the day it was expected that employees come to work, sit at a desk for the entire day, and just get the job done. Not anymore.

In fact, more and more businesses today are tweaking their company policy to allow their employees flexible working conditions.

Why you might ask? Well, for starters, hopefully most of them have realised that their employees are their best asset. Let’s not forget that in today’s digital age, a world of technology,  information and communication is just a click of a button away.

WORK STRESS: Let’s face it, work is stressful. Stress leads to unproductivity and lack of motivation at work. It also accounts for plenty of absenteeism and extra sick days.  So remote working is a win-win situation in many cases for both the employee and the company.

According to Forbes, these are the top 10 benefits of working from home:

  1. Work-life balance
  2. Saving on petrol
  3. Avoiding traffic
  4. More productivity
  5. Less distractions
  6. Eliminating long commutes
  7. Quieter atmosphere
  8. Less stressful work environment
  9. More time with family
  10. Environmentally friendly

The Revolution of Remote Working (Infographic)

To see just how far we’ve come today with the increase in remote work, freelancing and telecommuting, take a look at the infographic below:

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