5 Advantages of Having a Freelance Career

Most of us assume that any career that revolves around a computer will necessarily mean that we have to be chained to a desk in an office for eight or more hours every day.

The thought of being able to work to our own timetable is a distant dream, perhaps only to be realised upon retirement.

Well, this doesn’t have to be the case, a freelance career could be the job that allows you to maximise your potential not just at work but in every aspect of your life.

Here are 5 advantages to having a freelance career:

freelance career

Work to your own schedule

Not everyone is suited to working the usual 9 to 5 office routine. What if you wake at 5am every day and the first thing you experience is a huge burst of creativity that can see you thinking at the speed of light and typing faster than a top-flight PA?

If you’re a freelance writer you can write whenever suits you best, and stop when you feel you need a break.

You might have a hobby that is best practiced in the morning, or a doctor’s appointment that can only be scheduled for mid-afternoon – freelancing will allow you to fit it all into your life.

Choose your own topics

You can pick and choose the subjects that you want to write about, rather than be allocated something that you might be uncomfortable with or simply aren’t suited to. You like to travel? Write about it. Writing what you want means that you’ll write faster and more productively too. If you want a fresh challenge you can pick something you know nothing about and enjoy the process  of researching and learning something new.

Improve your writing skills

You might be a fiction writer and ponder the point of writing factual work. A freelance career gives you the opportunity to learn new ways of expressing meaning, to learn new vocabulary.

For example, write an article about ostriches and you’ll learn so much about Africa: the different landscapes, the wildlife, the difficulties of life and death.

Ideas and concepts that apply as much to good fiction as they do to an informative article about the ostrich. Taking on an article with a specific deadline will help you focus your efforts, sharpen your writing techniques and get you used to the discipline of meeting deadlines.

Work in your own space

You don’t need to be practically welded to your chair. A freelance career allows you to work as comfortably as you like. Sit at your desk if that suits you, or at the kitchen table if you’re more productive there.

You don’t even need to be at home either, with the prevalence of Wi-Fi these days.

The library is a good place to work, because being surrounded by books is naturally conducive to study, or you may like to spend some time in a coffee shop – you’ll immediately notice that you’re not the only person in there working.


Something that our continental cousins have always known is that we are simply not designed to work through the whole day, and not just because of the afternoon heat in the summer.

We tire in the afternoon, particularly after lunch because our energy is directed to digesting the food. Freelancers enjoy the luxury of being able to take an afternoon nap to recharge the mind’s batteries and awake refreshed and mentally sharp again. Physically, too, a short sleep refreshes the body and will allow you to spend more time comfortably working at your desk (or wherever else you choose to work).

A freelance career has so much to offer anyone that might be considering whether the daily grind of the office is really for them, because working in a way that better suits your mind and body can only make for a healthier individual.

Photo credit: Dudarev Mikhail via Shutterstock 


Laurent Kelly writes for Academic Knowledge, a leading academic writing company which offers freelance writing jobs across many subjects. Outside of work, Laurent is an avid reader and sports fan.