3 Self Promotion No-Nos when Marketing Yourself or Your Blog

Let’s face facts. Some of us love talking about ourselves and some of us don’t.

Marketing yourself is pretty much mandatory when you work for yourself, have a blog, or a product or service that you’re trying to sell.

In today’s age, everyone is trying to get noticed. With over 7 billion people living on this planet you can see why a lot of what’s being said is getting lost in translation, or just plain outright ignored. There’s simply too much noise. People switch off and look somewhere else for what they need.

Why do they do this?

Simple. Because you might have been too busy talking AT people, instead of with them. There’s a big difference.

Do you think that you’re doing any of these self promotion no-nos?

self promotion

PROBLEM #1: You market yourself over and over again

This is an easy mistake for people to make who are new to their own business, who’ve just started a blog, or who don’t know much about marketing.

I’ve done it before – and I was called out about it too.

I’m not going to lie, it was embarrassing, but it did teach me that what I was doing wrong. All the while I thought I was doing a brilliant job of marketing myself!

Take a look at what you might be doing wrong…

You’ve got an awesome product, unique service, or fantastic blog and you just want to shout it out to the rest of the world!

They just have to know about it, right?! What do you do? Well, you pump it all over your social media networks of course!

  • You scream it at the top of your lungs on Facebook so that all your friends will know what you’re doing. Some of them are on during different times of the day, so you make sure to get it up on their walls at least a few times.
  • Once you’re done there, you move on to Twitter. The cool thing which you’ve found out over here, is that you can schedule your tweets. So off you go – scheduling your self promoting tweets every hour, on the hour. Awesome.
  • Let’s not forget Google +, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest as well. Can’t forget about those platforms.
  • Oh yes, and just incase someone you know isn’t on any social media network, you send them an email as well.

Be honest, do you do any of these? Because I can almost guarantee you, you are annoying a lot of people with your spam. Yup. You read that right.

You are spamming people.  Don’t worry, I’ve done it too.

You might love your product or service, but you need to get other people to like it as well, otherwise what’s the point?

THE SOLUTION:  Cut down on marketing yourself.  It’s as simple as that.

If you have a blog, choose 2 or 3 key times during the day when most people will see it (you might need to play around over a few days to find those ideal times) and post a link to your blog, product, or service.

  • Post this link once across all of your social media networks (two or three times if you’re on Twitter…for example, once in the morning for your audience who are at work, and once in the evening for those who check their computer when they’re home after supper, and another time such as lunchtime).

That’s it! It might be hard to cut down on posting updates at first, but consider this:

Would you rather want a handful of people seeing and commenting on your links, or everyone simply ignoring them?

self promotion3

PROBLEM #2: Your advertising strategies are way off

Maybe you don’t go around talking about your product or service the entire time. You feel like you don’t need to really. Your product or service is so good that you’re 100% confident that people will simply flock to your blog or website.

  • You don’t really have the time to go read through other blogs and comment, or read up about competition in your market.

Why would you? You’re much too busy working on your amazing advertising strategies.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how it works in the world of social media and definitely not for any form of self promotion. It needs to be a bit of a give and take system.

If you’re not giving anything out to anyone else and expecting them to flock to your product or service, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re living in a dream world.

THE SOLUTION: Turn off that one-way thinking.

In social media, karma tends to play a vital role. If you spread the love, it will come back to you. If you don’t, you shouldn’t expect anything back in return.

  • No matter how busy you are with your advertising strategies of promoting your product or service, you need to find time to read other people’s work or explore your competition.

Take an interest in what other people are doing.

Join a community or a support group who are in a similar position as what you are.  Share each other’s work.  Comment on other people’s blogs.

Spread the love, and it will come back to you. Just give it a try.

self promotion4

PROBLEM #3: You promote your blog everywhere

You might not have a problem with finding the time to visit other blogs or websites and leave comments. In fact, you LOVE commenting. It takes up the better part of your day.

Each and every chance you get to promote your product or services is an opportunity for a sale!

You work your blog or website link into just about every comment you leave. Sometimes you’re creative with your comment, other times it has absolutely nothing to do with what’s been written. It’s not like you read it anyway. What for?

  • You just do a quick scan through to catch a key-phrase if you must, and then you work it into your comment.

Other times you stick to something like, “Great post! I agree with you completely. When you have a moment, you should check out my blog here [insert link]. I think you’ll really enjoy it!”

Of course, if people dare to comment like that on your blog, you delete it immediately.  How dare they?!

THE SOLUTION:  A good way to promote your blog IS to visit other blogs or websites and leave a comment, yes.

BUT, this means that you’ll need to actually read what’s being said and comment appropriately without leaving a link back to your blog or website.

No one is interested in someone using someone else’s platform for self promotion.

It’s so unprofessional and shows that you don’t actually know what you’re doing. If your post really is relatable to what’s been written, then sure – leave your link after posting a well thought out comment.

I’ve only done this once because it rarely gets the action you’re hoping for. People can see that you’re trying to promote yourself. What I’ve come to realise, is this:

People will click the link to your blog (when you comment on a blog, they can click your name most of the time which will send them to your blog) if they WANT to see what you’ve got to offer.

They’ll make the effort if you you’ve made the effort. It works both ways…that’s just the way it is in social media marketing today.

Marketing yourself, your product, or your service isn’t easy. It might seem easy with all the social media networks around, but with so many voices to be heard, it can be difficult to compete with them all. Instead of competing, make your voice heard by being original. Be yourself, take an interest in what others are saying.

Be someone who people want to get to know, and they’ll take an interest in your business or services as well.

Image credits: Melanie Chisnall, stockimages and Stuart Miles – freedigitalphotos.net