5 Things Every High School Student Should Have Been Taught


As high school students, we were taught all kinds of random things we never use in our adult lives. We step outside those school gates and wave goodbye to 12 years of classes and homework, and boom! We’re thrust into the big, wide world of the unknown. Welcome to adulthood!

Instead of learning about trigonometry and that sort of thing, I would have liked to have learnt a whole other set of life skills. Things like…

How to Get a Job

I could write a book about the types of bad CVs and cover letters I saw during my years in recruitment. Something that seems so basic, gets complicated quickly or faffed aside in a hurry. You need to know all kinds of things to apply for a job. Like how you structure your CV for each specific job, what not to say during an interview, and how to make your cover letter stand out.

Basic Car Maintenance

Simple things like how to change a tyre, or what to do if you’re in an accident – who to call, etc. Some basic notes on what to do if your car leaks water, overheats, or makes ‘this kind of funny noise’ would have been helpful. What about other things like learning how to deal with stupid drivers, road rage, or emergency situations?

Finance Management

That first paycheck – what a feeling! Here’s all this money, now what?! It would have been fantastic had we been taught things like…

  • How to open a bank account
  • How not to go into debt
  • How to apply for a loan
  • How to save or invest, and
  • How to budget for the month ahead

People Skills

I would have loved to know how to handle rude and bitchy people in the workplace after leaving school. Or how not to freak out when a boss treats you unfairly in front of coworkers. Office conflict, ignorant clients, two-faced colleagues, and unfriendly customers are a way of life. Learning certain skills on how to treat people, how not to take things personally, and how to be direct without being blunt or “cocky”  – would have gone a long way straight out of school.

How to Run a House

It’s exciting moving out, but it’s also scary. So many things can happen. What if the geyser bursts or the bathroom tap won’t stop leaking? Is it a good idea to call the cops if your neighbours are playing music too loudly? What are different types of home security measures? What about things like what to do when you go away, and how to keep your pets safe at home? Basic and budget-friendly décor and renovating tips. Things like that would have been invaluable.

 What are some of the things you would have liked to have learnt at school?