10 Interesting Jobs that Won’t Bore You to Tears

Are you thinking about switching jobs or taking a chance and exploring a new career path? Maybe you’re fresh out of high school and not sure what direction the wind is going to take you. Or maybe you’re just curious to see what kind of interesting jobs are out there.

There are always job choices when it comes to doing something fun, interesting or cool, believe you me. Especially in this digital, ever-evolving modern age. Just because you’re working, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. A lot of people are throwing caution to the wind these days; going after what feeds their soul, as opposed to doing something predictable for the sake of getting a salary at the end of the month.

What’s important in your life right now? Is it money, happiness, a stepping stone and experience – or is it all three? Let’s take a look at 10 of the coolest and most interesting jobs you’ll find in 2014 – regardless of the pay…

#1 – Bike Courier

You might not think there’s a big demand for this type of job (what with it being the digital age and all), but you’d be surprised. The food and fashion industries rely on bike couriers for all sorts of errands, so if you’re looking at gaining some experience in a cool industry, this is the job for you. And, best of all – you don’t have to worry about traffic jams or struggling to find parking (Nice!)

#2 – Body Painter

Take your love of make-up, and your artsy or creative edge up a notch, and become a body painter. There’s always a need for body painters – at carnivals, festivals, parties, fairs, and other special events. People – especially kids – love having their faces painted, so you’ll always have work in that department. But if you’re looking for something a little more glam, you could work your ‘Picasso’ magic on celebs and models at photo and video shoots. Not boring at all…

#3 – Colour Consultant

Colour consultants know everything there is to know about colours. Like what warm and inciting colours catch the eye of consumers on a company logo, for example. Or what two monochrome shades of blue will have the best psychological feel in a doctor’s waiting room. This is a great job if you love designing with colours and getting creative. Colour plays a huge role in today’s modern world; the list of projects you could work on is endless!

#4 – Flavourist

If you love combining different flavours and you’re a fan of chemistry (thank you, Walter White), this might be the job for you. Most flavourists have some kind of formal training, like a PhD in chemistry or biochemistry. Flavourists are also known as flavour chemists. They experiment and concoct different flavours for natural and artificial purposes. For example, they come up with those cheese spices you sprinkle over your popcorn, and the strawberry flavour that goes into milkshakes. If this sounds like the job for you, get in touch with a flavour house (flavour company) to find out about their internship options.

#5 – Hippotherapist

No, you won’t be diagnosing any giant hippos, lucky for you. The word “hippo” here is another word for horse in Latin. As a hippotherapist you will use a horse’s natural body movements as a way to treat patients. It’s therapeutic and popular with children suffering from autism, multiple sclerosis, Down’s syndrome, and other conditions. Horseback riding is beneficial for patients with neurological and physical disabilities. A horse’s pelvis has a three-dimensional moment that mirrors the physiology of the human walk. So if you love animals and want to dedicate your life to helping others, this is a great job choice.

#6 – Horticultural Therapist

Ever noticed how calm and focused you become while pottering outside in the garden? If you enjoy the outdoors, the environment, and helping people, this is a suburb job to think about. Horticultural therapists use the act of gardening as a treatment strategy, or a physical strengthening tactic for patients. They use plants and the process of planting as a psychological and physical therapy. Horticultural therapy is popular in rehabilitation clinics, schools, prisons, hospitals, and even psychology offices.

#7 – Online Reviewer

A lot of companies today unfortunately make use of fake online reviews – both negative and positive – to get more exposure for their brands. This is ultimately what an online reviewer does; they’re most commonly found “reviewing” hotel and restaurant sites. But according to a study done by the Cornell’s Department of Computer Science, a new type of software is in the pipelines. This will detect “opinion scammers” who post fake reviews. If you have a passion for writing about services or products (and would prefer to take the morale ground), you can always start with a blog. Write about your experiences and opinions and share what you’ve written. Then, if you become established in your niche, companies will approach you to review their product or service so you’ll develop a name for yourself (not to mention all the free goodies you might get!)

#8 – Pick-up Artist Instructor

Remember the movie Hitch with Will Smith? That’s what being a pick-up artist instructor is all about. This is a popular industry. There are even “PUA boot camps” held in different locations around the world that are designed for men who need help meeting women. Going to one of these pick-up boot camps can cost as much as $3,000 (roughly R30, 000!) So if you’re a people’s person and enjoy playing cupid, this is an exciting job you could try… where no two days are the same!

#9 & #10 – Artists and Authors

Last, but not least are two interesting careers that have been around since the beginning of time. Being an artist or an author isn’t easy and it’s hard to make a name for yourself in today’s age. But, that being said, they’re two of the happiest careers you could ever choose.  They’re soul-filling –  even though you won’t rake in the big bucks (unless you strike it lucky). So if you’re looking for a cool, interesting job that’s going to feed your heart and soul, and keep you mentally charged, this is it.

Image credit: Darren Harvey, Flickr